Commodity Connect supports a ‘greener’ planet

  • The recycling of aluminum uses only 5% of the amount of energy needed to turn bauxite into aluminum (this makes it both cheaper and better for the environment).
  • The emission output for recycled aluminum is up-to 90% less than for new produced aluminum.
  • That part of demand that can be satisfied with recycled aluminium is deducted from the total demand for aluminium and thus reduces the extraction of natural resources from the environment.

Commodity Connect stimulates the reuse of aluminium by closing the loop and making the system more efficient.

We furthermore ‘speed-up’ the process by simplifying the trade between sellers and buyers. We make it easier for them to find each other resulting in a more efficient recycling loop with less scrap waiting to be processed. If the circulation of scrap speeds up the total amount of aluminium in use can be reduced. As aluminium can be recycled indefinitely this will decrease the extraction of natural resources from the environment.